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Wendy is a short film about Wendy, a quiet but imaginative 8th grader, who attempts to find the courage to approach her secret crush while working on a production of Romeo & Juliet.

Directed by Maren Lavelle

Written by Matt Steiner

Director of Photography: Sol Tran

Produced by One-Eyed Rabbit

Director's note

One of the big inspirations for "Wendy" was being able to create something that could give young Queer folks their own over the top, in your face, middle school love story. With an abundance of content out there featuring young boy-girl love stories as the main plot point, we wanted to give representation to the young Queer students that deserve to see themselves reflected on the screen.

But as far as actually taking the steps to produce the film, Cab Calloway School of the Arts and the Cab 8th grade theatre majors are what made me want to make this film happen! Once we started to ponder the idea of making this film at Cab right now with the current 8th grade theatre majors, it just seemed like we had to make the film and we had to make it now.

I was very focused on the educational aspect of providing the students with the experience of working on a professional film set at such a young age. I thought a lot about how amazing an opportunity like working on this film would have been to me at that age, as it would’ve opened up so many more possibilities to me than I knew were available at the time. I wanted these students to be able to experience that and see for themselves what it’s like to make a film from scratch!

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